Weather Policy

Determining Your Flight’s Status

If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather or any other circumstance, you will be notified by the ASCENT Team via email only and exclusively at least 1 hour before your scheduled departure time.
Would you like to cancel your flight? See Flight Cancellation Policies.


Delays – Due to Weather or Other Circumstance

From time to time, your flight may be delayed due to weather, unforeseen mechanical issues, temporary flight restrictions, and airport congestion. If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you will be notified by the ASCENT Team via email only and exclusively.

  • The ASCENT Team will notify you of any delays or cancellations due to weather at least one hour prior to your scheduled departure time.

  • Excessive Delays: In the event any Flight is delayed more than 2 hours you have the option of 1) booking on a different flight at no additional charge or 2) cancelling your flight and receiving ASCENT Credit. ASCENT’s Cancellation Policy outlined in Section 7  of the Terms of Service shall apply to anyone cancelling their tickets on a Flight delayed less than 2 hours.

  • Moving to other aircraft: In order to minimize the passenger impact of cancellations and delays due to weather, unforeseen mechanical events, temporary flight restrictions and airport congestion, ASCENT may reassign you to a different aircraft than the type on which you originally purchased your ticket. Such reassignments may include moving between helicopters.  If for any reason you decline to accept the alternate aircraft, ASCENT will provide ASCENT Credits for the originally-purchased fare.

  • Flights rescheduled for an earlier departure time: If ASCENT has to move your flight to a time earlier than your scheduled departure time due to weather, unforeseen mechanical issues or Temporary Flight Restrictions and you are unable to make the newly scheduled flight, ASCENT will provide ASCENT Credits for the originally-purchased fare.

  • For more details: See the Delays section of the Terms of Service.

Factors Determining Weather Cancelations or Delays

There are several factors in the decision of whether a flight will be canceled or delayed due to inclement weather:

Our helicopters operate under Visual Flight Rules and can operate when the cloud ceiling is over 1,500ft and visibility is greater than 5 km / 3mi along the entire flight path. The following are additional factors that determine the flight status:
  1. Pilot’s Decision – Ultimately it is up to the pilot to make the call on flight safety.
  2. Thunder – Thunderstorms can be unpredictable. Sometimes they can be circumvented, but it is up to the pilot.
  3. Weather Along Entire Flight Path – Sometimes weather will look fine at the origin and destination but it’s also important to consider the weather in the flight path. If there is weather along the flight path sometimes the aircraft can fly around it, sometimes it can divert to a different destination, and sometimes the flight may be canceled altogether.