ASCENT Luggage Policy

Your luggage will be inspected for size and weight when you arrive to the ASCENT Lounge or point of departure taking into account the following:

Carry-on bag Checked bag
Items per pax Up to 1 Up to 1
Weight Up to 10 kg Up to 25kg
Dimensions Able to fit under a helicopter seat 90cm x 75cm x 43cm
Others Items with wheels &/or retractable handles will be considered as checked bags

Golf Clubs are not permitted unless specifically mentioned.

If you have excess or oversized baggage – a member of the ASCENT Team reserves the right to disallow a bag or bags that are deemed too heavy or large. In this case, ASCENT will put the luggage on an other mode of transport to the traveler’s destination. If there is room, ASCENT will make an effort to place your item on a later flight.

The following items are not permitted:

  • Galaxy Note 7

  • Contraband

  • Hoverboard

  • Firearms

  • Aerosol cans

The following items must be on your person or in the cabin with you and are prohibited from being in your checked baggage:

  • Electronic smoking devices and e-cigarettes.

  • Lithium batteries, all consumer electronic & medical devices (watches, cameras, cellular phones, lap-top computer, camcorders, and hearing aids, etc.) containing lithium cells or batteries, and spare lithium batteries and cells for these devices.