Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff

Title: Founder and CEO

Bio: Lionel has been in the helicopter industry, for 15 years leading sales, marketing, support and supply chain activities. Apart from functional expertise, Lionel also has exposure to global market expansions and has held executive positions in Airbus Helicopters across APAC and LATAM. Lionel most recently graduated from the EMBA program in INSEAD.

Recent posts

  • Why Ascent, from our founder

    Ascent is created to make Urban Air Mobility a reality today and enable the ecosystem required for tomorrow. We have started in a region where major cities are crippled with high traffic congestion and connectivity issues. Ascent makes urban air mobility more cost-efficient and sustainable through ride-sharing on fuel-efficient helicopters and carbon offsetting to ensure our carbon neutrality. We have set up a dedicated ecosystem powered by our technology. People and businesses now have the possibility to regain control of their time by moving in the skies seamlessly and affordably within and around congested cities or between hubs of activity like airports, business districts, and leisure destinations.

  • Ascent is ready for take-off in the Philippines

    Get to anywhere in Metro Manila under 10 minutes - helicopter ride-sharing is now in the Philippines.